Monday, August 9, 2010

Expect BlackBerry OS 6 to follow Email Standards!

Check it out. This is a big deal for email designers whose recipients are corporate clients: Confirmation that BlackBerry OS 6 will use webkit to render html email! (see the reply to my comment). I'll be more excited when I see it with my own eyes (maybe someone should send me a BlackBerry to test - hint, hint) but this is exciting news. As mobile email continues to proliferate, Outlook may no longer dictate Table layouts to the world. Unless maybe Windows 7 Mobile also uses Word to render HTML email... ...or maybe we won't have to worry about that.


slacker said...

I believe Outlook '11 for mac will also use webkit to render its emails.

lettermansgap said...

I hope so! I haven't upgraded my office suite yet. I'll definitely have a look when I do.